The Procrastination Cure

There’s very little understanding of how to let go of procrastination, how to recognize and diffuse the feelings that lead to procrastination, and most importantly, how to develop the ability to both produce and relax without guilt.

Many books on procrastination are written by PhDs; this author of this book is an entrepreneur and business coach. Jeffery Combs, a recovering procrastinator himself, will assist you to overcome procrastination and achieve the life of your dreams.

7 Steps To Stop Putting Life Off
Procrastination is an epidemic that can only be eliminated if the underlying causes are uncovered. Yet if you pay a visit to any bookstore in America, you won’t find much specifically focusing on procrastination.

  • Find Your Root Cause: The root causes of procrastination as opposed to viewing procrastination as merely a time-management issue.
  • Learn The Procrastinator Types: The six types of procrastinators: the Neurotic Perfectionist, the Big Deal Chaser, the Chronic Worrier, the Rebellious Rebel, the Drama Addict, and the Angry Giver.
  • Overcome Each Type Of Procrastination:Key strategies, practical solutions, and real- life examples for overcoming each kind of procrastination.